About us

Mikolasch is a third generation, family owned enterprise

Our story begins long ago and far away, in a town called Gablonz, some 650 km away in Northern Bohemia. Today that area is in the Czech Republic, but until WWII it was populated by Germans and was famous for the jewelry and glass products that were sold all over the world. The origins of our jewelry and metal goods factory date back to 1936.

After the war and the expulsion from the homeland in April 1946, glass and jewelry manufacturing came to a new beginning in Neugablonz in Bavaria. Ferdinand Mikolasch made the first piece of jewelery from old telephone cables and copperplate waste from a pot factory. As a result of the monetary reform, the company grew steeply as many of the former export relations to Africa and America had been preserved. Ferdinand Mikolasch specialized in fashion jewelery, buttons and the creation of his own chain production. Both sons, Ferdinand and Heinz, worked in the company from early on and took over the management after the departure of the father. Together with his daughter Birgit Mikolasch-Joas, Ferdinand Mikolasch is leading the factory in the third generation and the focus is still on high-quality, handmade fashion jewelry .


This traditional company has more than 60 years of experience and a wide range of products, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, antique jewelery, buttons, rivets, christmas decorations, key rings, promotional gifts, custom-made items, castings and semifinished products.


All products are manufactured in-house. Made in Germany is not a slogan, but a promise. All products are made with precision-ground glas crystals.